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Shocking, Troubling, Valuable...

Patients, Physicians, and the
License to Kill in the Third Reich

Revised Edition
by Hugh Gregory Gallagher

Introduction by Senator Bob Dole

ISBN 978-0-918339-36-2 Revised Edition
Hardcover |65 pages | 6 x 9 |Acid Free Paper | index | $21.95

A searing account . . A valuable contribution to the history of the Nazi era, as well as to the literature on the struggle for the rights of the disabled.

This shocking log account of disabled people's fight for their lives has lessons for today. Read it." Senator Robert Dole

Hugh Gregory Gallagher's moving study of the systematic murder of the physically and mentally disabled in the Third Reich is a riveting account that covers the subject from the larger social and historical context to the smallest details of how the killing centers functioned. It is based on extensive research, including captured Nazi documents, transcripts of testimony of the doctors and other participants in the killing program, and personal interviews. By Trust Betrayed provides new insight into the honor of ordinary people doing monstrous things under the aegis of ''science'' in Nazi Germany. It also raises troubling questions about many contemporary theories and ideas dealing with euthanasia, health care, and medical ethics.


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