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ABI Professional Publications
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Military Titles

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Civil War Fathers  Edited by Tim Pletkovich

In Honored Glory Arlington National Cemetery, The Final Post by Philip Bigler

The Imperfect Spy  by Andy J. Byers

Peace at Last by Deborah Grassman from Vandamere Press

You Are Not Forgotten by Evelyn Grubb and Carol Jose

By Trust Betrayed Patients, Physicians, and the License to Kill in the Third Reich (2nd Edition) by Hugh Gregory Gallagher

Tin Can Man by E.J. Jernigan

Foxtrot Ridge A Battle Remembered by Mark W. Woodruff

In Defense of a Nation Servicewomen in World War II by Major General Jeanne M. Holm, USAF (ret)

Hostile Fire  The Life and Death of First Lieutenant Sharon Lane by Philip Bigler

Forces of the British Empire - 1914 by Edward Nevins

Unheralded Victory The Defeat of the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army, 1961-1973 by Mark W. Woodruff


Americans Behind the Barbed Wire World War II Inside a German Prison Camp by J. Frank Diggs


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