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Vandamere Press - Manuscript Submission Guidelines     

Thank you for your interest in Vandamere Press. These guidelines are provided assist you in the preparation and submission of manuscripts for publication consideration.  Vandamere Press publishes in the areas of history, biography, disability studies/healthcare issues, military, fiction and the Nation's Capital for a national audience. These are only intended as a general guide, as the actual material submitted is fully  at the discretion of the author, and we accept no responsibility for the material.  

1.   We do not require use of a specific style manual, but request that all authors pick a standard manual and use it consistently. For manuscripts that are selected for publication, authors should be prepared to review and enter all editorial corrections, and plan on rewriting problem areas.  Vandamere Press authors are fully involved in the publication process until typesetting.

2.  We cannot be responsible for original art or photos submitted with manuscripts and prefer only Xerox copies be sent. 

3.    Preferred submission formats should include the following:

  •  A one-page summary

  • An author resume including a list of all published works
     (Very Important).

  • Author contacts for possible book endorsements.

  • The book's Table of Contents, first chapter and two other sample chapters

  • A self-addressed, stamped return envelope if negative response is needed (Mandatory).

4.   We will not review or consider electronic submissions in any form.

5.   We are no longer able to provide catalogs upon request to all authors due to the numbers involved. Please visit our website at www.vandamere.com for a full list and description of titles. 

6.   Please do not submit material "return receipt requested" or         "registered," as waiting in Post Office lines is very time consuming. These submissions will not be reviewed.

7.   Please do not call to request the status of your manuscript. We do not track manuscripts internally, and we will be able to provide you any information. We regret that the selection process can be very slow, but review of manuscripts can only be done time permitting.

8.  All authors must be able to provide their final edited manuscript on a PC or Mac platform using a standard word processing program.

9.   Submissions must be double-spaced and printed with a dark  ribbon or high contrast laser/inkjet/Xerox. We will not review faded or hard to read copies. Type size should be no smaller than the type used in these guidelines. 

10. We do not publish children's or young adult titles, accept for books of special interest to the Washington, DC or mid-Atlantic area.

11.  We do not publish poetry.

12.  We do not plan to begin publication of a mystery genre line until 2002 at the earliest.

13.  We are not presently accepting any science fiction or fantasy manuscripts.

14.  We are always interested in Washington regional titles.

15.  Please remember that while we review 2,500 unsolicited manuscripts a year, we only will publish one or two at most in  our annual line of about ten new titles.

16. Many of the manuscripts that we do not select for publication are excellent works that do not happen to fit our current needs or marketing strategy. As a result, we encourage authors not to become discouraged and to try other publishers. We recognize that from an author's point of view, the process may seem unfair, but promise that we will give all submissions appropriate consideration.

17. Make all submissions only to:

Jerry Frank
Senior Acquisitions Editor
Vandamere Press
P.O. Box 149, St. Petersburg, FL 33731