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The Imperfect Spy
The Inside Story of a Convicted Spy
by Andy J. Byers

ISBN 978-0-918339-66-9  | Hardcover |256 pages | 6x9  | Acid Free paper | Illustrated 
Index  | December 2005 | $24.95

The Imperfect  Spy is the inside story of George Trofimoff, an American civil servant and army reserve colonel, convicted in 2001 of spying for the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War. It is a story of betrayal, greed, and treachery at an almost incomprehensible level.  The Imperfect Spy is  a remarkably complete look at the life of a spy, told from both Trofimoff's point-of-view and from the trial record. The author's unique access to Trofimoff's wife's comments, Trofimoff's  writings, and from the author's  personal observation over a five year period, combine to create a remarkably intimate look at a very public event. 

Early comments have been enthusiastic:

…the exciting story of help repaid with treachery, of opportunity repaid by betrayal…Readers interested in intelligence and espionage, as well as those who just like a good read, will find this book a keeper.
William A. Knowlton, General (ret) U.S.Army

..will fascinate you, raise your blood pressure, and leave you wondering how this guy got away with it for so long.
Carol Jose, author of The Consul

If this were fiction, it might strain credibility…
William Ward, Major General  (ret) U.S.Army

As a former CIA operations officer who worked in counterintelligence, I found this book a valuable addition to the literature…an informative new book which is a very  layman-friendly read and still has enough detail to satisfy most intelligence buffs.
Frederick L. Wettering, CIA operations officer (retired) and member of  the  Senior Intelligence Service

For Cold War intelligence afficionados, this work competes for a space among the first two or three books on their reading list. For human intelligence specialists, it may have even a higher priority.
Army Magazine

 …the incredible biography of...one of the Soviet Unions greatest spies…Very strongly recommended for its highly intriguing content and twisting plot. …the perfect addition to all Cold War studies collections for historians, students, and non-specialist readers with an interest in espionage and the Cold War conflict.
Bookwatch/Internet Bookwatch

 …Using trial records, interviews, and personal observations he has written a remarkable history of Trofimoff’s background and life as a spy….a bizarre tale of betrayal, greed and treachery – and counterintelligence incompetence….a good read that has attracted applause from U.S. intelligence professionals.
Naval InstituteProceedings 


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