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A Classic Reference...

by Edward Nevins
Introduction by David G. Chandler

ISBN 0-918339-18-9 978-0-918339-18-1 | Hardcover |288 pages, 8  x 11|
355 color photos | 361 original badge drawings | Acid Free Paper | $65.00

In 1914 the British Empire was in many respects at the very peak of power. The military and naval forces of the Empire were well trained and highly loyal to "King and Country."  The Empire's incredible mix of people and cultures, as represented by the careful military forces in 1914, are reunited in the pages of Forces of the British Empire-1914, a masterful and single-source guide to the units, uniforms, and badges of the period. It includes all regular, militia, and territorial regiments and formations in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India, as well as all colonies and protectorates. Complete with over 380 color photographs using the figures of The Nevins Collection, and original drawings of regimental badges, the book is a must for historians and collectors.

This amazing hook ... is sure to he a standard work for many years to come.
-Library Journal

It the collection encapsulates the British Regular Army in a moment in time-arguably its greatest. To the photographs of each and every model Mr. Nevins has added a scrupulously researched description of each and every regiment and formation represented, giving the minimum of essential information on the unit concerned from its raising down to 1914, including the badge it then carried, land! the Battle Honours it had been awarded
-David C. Chandler

destined to have world-wide appeal.
-Armed Forces Journal International

a complete and comprehensive guide to the units of the entire Empire
-Military History Magazine


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