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a novel
New York Times Best-Selling Author
Patricia Hagan

ISBN 978-0-918339-55-3 | Hardcover | 336 pages | 6 x 9 |Acid Free paper |*$21.95

Vandamere Press is pleased to offer a new novel from New York Times Best-Selling author Patricia Hagan. Cry Me a River is a fast-paced, hard-hitting  novel of mystery and suspense set in the rural South in the turbulent 60's. Beginning with the ambush of Sheriff Luke Ballard on Halloween in the Hampton, Alabama town cemetery, Cry Me a River takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride through the sheriff's life and the town's  seamy underbelly. Small-town gossip, bootlegging, the KKK, high school romances, corruption, and greed all play their  role in this tightly-written, non-stop mystery.

In a series of flashbacks. Luke returns to Hampton for a last visit with his dying mother after serving in Special Forces. He  sees for the first time  the corruption, racism, and pettiness that have taken over his much-despised home town.  Despite serious misgivings, he allows himself to be talked into running for sheriff and wins. As his  past and the town's social and moral structure become clear to the reader, the mystery deepens, as the length of viable suspects grows. The complexity of small-town social structure, and the winds of change sweeping the country in the late 60's are starkly and thoroughly examined.  In the end, only Luke, aided by his handful of friends, can unravel what really happened. Patricia Hagan's numerous fans will be delighted with this new direction. A highly-readable and colorful novel not to be missed. 

About the author…

New York Times Bestselling author Patricia Hagan is the author of 38 novels and over 2,500 short stories. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, she grew up all across the U.S. due to her father's position as a federal attorney, finally settling in Sylacauga, Alabama when her father became a judge. She attended the University of Alabama, majoring in English.

Patricia's books have been translated into a dozen languages, and she has made promotional trips to England, France, Italy, Greece, Norway, and Ireland.    She has taught creative writing and has been guest speaker at writers' conferences across the U.S. She is also an award-winning former Radio/TV Motorsports journalist covering NASCAR stock car racing. She has also  worked as an Emergency Room Assistant to gather research material for some of her novels.

She now resides in Birmingham, Alabama with her best friend and companion, Krystal, a wire-haired fox terrier, and is hard at work on another Southern novel.

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* New York Times Bestseller

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