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...wonderfully diabolical, cleverly wicked,
and impossible to put down...

a novel by Bruce Farcau

978-0-918339-54-6 | Hardcover 
352 pages, 6 x 9 | Acid Free Paper | $21.95

Historically eloquent and splendidly written. Truly the next best thing to being there.
…Patricia Hagan

New York Times
Best-selling Author

…A  well-written and engrossing read, this historical novel contains everything a  fan of the genre could hope for -- romance, war, intrigue, and historically accurate descriptions of little-known events.

Revenge! Revenge! Revenge! Never anger an Empress, especially if she is the queen of getting even.  In historian and political scientist Bruce Farcau’s new novel, A Little Empire of Their Own, the WWI German General Staff learn the hard way never to underestimate a women.  Much to their eventual dismay, the former Empress of Mexico, Charlotte,  demonstrates a true masters knowledge of Machiavelli,  realpolitik, and cunning while seeming to be only a mad royal recluse living in a shabby Belgian palace that has seen better days. 

Charlotte, ably  assisted by a handful of loyal retainers; an innocent, if somewhat randy young German officer; the greed of others; and the generally desperate situation the Germans and the allies find themselves in as trench warfare begins to savage a generation during WWI, knows just what she wants, and more dangerously for everyone else, just how to achieve her goals. Told against the background of Maximilian and Charlottes’ ill-fated attempt to rule Mexico in the 1860’s, A Little Empire of Their Own  is a fascinating  and historically accurate story of Mexico during a period known by few,  carefully interwoven with WWI in Europe and with one of the most bizarre aspects of the war-- the Zimmerman telegram.  Highly readable and wonderfully diabolical, this is a novel not to be missed.


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