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The Book that Changed the FDR Memorial...
New and revised

FDR Memorial Edition
By Hugh Gregory Gallagher

ISBN  978-0-918339-50-8 | Hardcover | 272 pp | 6x9 | Illustrated
Acid Free Paper | Index | $21.95

An important and inspiring book.
Publishers Weekly

The book that started the fight to show FDR in his wheelchair." Lorenzo W. Milam"...an admiring account of the effort to conceal Roosevelt’s disability from the public...helps explain how and why it happened." Edwin McDowell, The New York Times"...conveyed as no biographer ever had before — and without a mawkish moment —what it must have been like for this vigorous, athletic young man to find himself imprisoned in a wheelchair and then to fight his way to the pinnacle of American political power in spite of it.
American Heritage 

This moving story of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s massive disability — and the intense efforts to conceal it from the public — has been widely acknowledged as revising the understanding of Roosevelt’s personality and decision making process. It is an intensely personal view of FDR. It traces his developments from the early years, his battle with polio, his fight for rehabilitation, his paralysis and his need to hide it, both in public and in private — as well as the impact the paralysis and its cover-up had on his political career, his personality, and his relations with others. Now complete with a detailed account of the FDR Memorial and the struggle by disability advocates to have FDR depicted as he was — in his wheelchair. Must reading for everyone interested in presidential history, disability history, and modern American history. A book not to be missed. 


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