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Timely exciting,
and well told .......

a novel by Alexander M. Grace

ISBN 978-0-918339-38-6 | Hardcover | 6 x  9 | 256 pages | Acid Free Paper | $21.95

Grace crafts story and characters  deftly, drawing the reader into his intricately  plotted web . . delight delightful reading all around.
Library Journal

Grace displays deep knowledge of espionage and European politics, lending credibility and a rapid edge to the proceedings .    /a/ sophisticated and exciting thriller.
Publishers Weekly

A fast-paced, must-read novel from author Alexander M. Grace (Crisis and Coup), dealing with international terrorism, intrigue, and European politics. In a new and still uniting Europe, Luc Chatelan, former member of the Belgian Surete, and presently an Investigator for the European Community Office of Security uncovers a clandestine shipment of toxic chemicals large enough to poison the water supply of a major city. His bosses in the highly-bureaucratic European Community Security Directorate are quick to dismiss the threat and quicker still to pass the blame when the chemicals are lost. Undeterred, Chatelan-the most persistent Belgian detective since Hercule Poirot decides to pursue the case without the "full" concurrence of his bosses. He uncovers a plot that rocks the politics of Europe to their very foundations.

An absolutely authentic novel of international intrigue, Hegemon offers readers an insider's look at the politics of modern Europe, and examines the forces that could shape the future of the continent. A highly-readable story reflecting tomorrow's head-lines. Filled with espionage, "glorious little wars," clandestine financial transactions international terrorism, bribery and murder. Hegemon is a novel not to be missed.

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