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The Insider’s Guide for High School Students
A Handbook for the Ninth Grade Year

by Tim Healey & Alex Carter

● ISBN 978-0-918339-75-1 ● Trade Paper ● 96 pages, 6x9 ● Acid Free Paper ● Resources ● Index ● $11.95 ●

Written as a student’s edition of the highly regarded, The Insider’s Guide to High School: A Parent’s Handbook for the Ninth Grade Year, the book provides eighth and ninth grade readers with a clear and convincing roadmap for success in high school and beyond. Offered at a critical juncture in their educational and social development process, The Insider’s Guide for High School Students: A Handbook for the Ninth Grade Year, is designed as a non-threatening aid to help students understand the significance of what they are about to begin, develop a plan, improve their organizational skills, and focus on their future goals. The authors share how savvy students manage high school like experts. They provide students the practical, real-world advice that will help them earn good grades, become involved in school activities, and make positive school relationships. The authors are both award-winning, nationally recognized high school educators whose goal is to help students not just survive, but thrive during the most important year of any student's education -- the ninth grade year.

The book is designed to be of value for college-bound students, those choosing technical training after high school, and for those planning to enter the workforce directly. It provides the reader with a clear understanding if the journey he or she is beginning, and offers direct and clear cut advice in how to arrive at his or her desired goal. This book is essential reading for any student entering high school.

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