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Liberty & Learning
The Essential James Madison
By Philip Bigler and Annie Lorsbach
Published by the JMC Press, Distributed exclusively by Vandamere Press

ISBN: 978-0-615-23071-9 |Hard cover |192 pages, 6x9 |
Illustrated | Acid Free Paper | Index | $10.95

Although James Madison was intimately involved in the writing of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, served as Thomas Jefferson’s Secretary of State, and was a two-term President, contemporary Americans know so little about James Madison and his work, that he is often referred to as the “Forgotten Founder.” Liberty & Learning celebrates the 200th Anniversary of James Madison’s Presidency and provides a logical and compelling case that Madison is the most advanced political theorist in American History.

Liberty and Learning: the Essential James Madison sets the record straight. In this highly readable account of James Madison’s life and times, author Philip Bigler, director of the James Madison Center in Harrisonburg, Virginia, explores specific themes such as Madison’s belief in public education, his advocacy of religious freedom, his Constitutional philosophy, and his essential belief in republicanism. Bigler also deals directly with Madison’s failure in regards to slavery.
Highly informative and authoritative appendices highlight interesting facts about James and Dolley Madison and provide relevant information about Madison’s life and contributions to the American republic. Complete with color illustrations, bibliography and index, Liberty and Learning: the Essential James Madison makes Madison’s relevance to contemporary society clear. With the Constitution remaining the essential foundation of our republican form of government, the principles that guided Madison – responsible government, the rule of law, the right to free and open debate, the separation of power, and the nobility of public service – are as significant today as ever.

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