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Washington as it really was…

On This Spot
Pinpointing the Past in Washington, D.C.


by Douglas E. Evelyn and Paul Dickson

● ISBN 978-0-918339-74-4 ● Trade Paper ● 308 pages, 9x6 ● Acid Free Paper ●  Index ● $16.95 ●

What they said about earlier editions…

…a wonderful source of historical information for the browser as well as a traveler’s goldmine.                                                                                                                              Library Journal

Witty and readable…this book will delight all those who like their history made both entertaining and accessible.                                                                                  The Washington Post

…one of those rare guidebooks that goes home with the visitors to be read and reread, and then read again.                                                                                      Voice of America

            Because of the grandeur of the monuments, the highly-recognizable historic buildings, and the Mall area, Washington, to some, appears to be a theme park in which the past is neatly preserved, where America’s political and governmental past is on display for all citizens, and where families can visit to gain a better understanding of their country. Washington, however, is more than a repository of Senate debates and Supreme Court decisions, more than an august national capital, and certainly far more than a theme park.  It is a living, growing city, and for many decades it was a rough, dirty, and noisy place. In On This Spot: Pinpointing the Past in Washington, D.C, Fourth Edition., two highly-regarded, veteran authors, Doug Evelyn and Paul Dickson offer readers a rare look at the complete Washington in a very different kind of guidebook.

            Filled with maps, historical profiles of hundreds of sites,  and over 140 illustrations, On This Spot, offers the reader an understanding of both Washington D.C., the nation’s capital, and Washington, an American city.

Covering such diverse elements as the Lincoln Memorial, the “Blue Jug,” the Gin Rickey, Federal Triangle, the Cairo Hotel, Griffith Stadium, the Library of Congress, and thousands of others, the authors offer the  reader a unique and full understanding of the “complete” Washington. Not only a first-rate guidebook, but a history lover’s delight--fun for all.

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