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Stories of Early Twentieth City Life
by J. George Butler
Foreword by Charles Kuralt

ISBN 978-0-918339-25-6 | 176 pages | 6 x 9 | Hardcover | illustrated | Acid Free Paper  Index | $19.95

George Butler is, a wonderful story-teller.
Charles Kuralt
from the Foreword

...a gentle and skilful blend of the social, cultural, political, and practical history of a dynamic nation in a period of great change.
Library Journal

In this warm and inspiring look at early twentieth century life, author J. George Butler takes us back to the beginnings of the modern American period, to a quality of life unique to that brief time in our history. Never before or since have innocence and progress worked so closely and comfortably together. The quality of life soared as gaslights changed to electric lights, horse drawn carts yielded to electric trolleys ice boxes were replaced by refrigerators, and everything surrendered to the arrival of the "Tin Lizzie." Simpler Times takes the reader on a magical trip back into a world when ice cream was made at home, Christmas trees were lit with candles, radios were small rocks with bits of wire and cardboard, and when children could be children.


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